Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Deliberate, Sweet Submission

These photos were shot by an exceptionally talented photographer who goes by the Instagram name, "@thatoneguypaul". 
Please, let me tell you with the utmost confidence: this guy is going to BE somebody someday; I mean really; Paul is the real deal; a naturally talented, groundbreaking artist with a breathtaking and exceedingly beautiful vision. Also, just a really nice dude.
I have never worked with a photographer who was as good a director; he knew exactly how to direct my body into positions that brought the pictures to LIFE. 
For the first time since I've been working with photographers in LA, I completely let myself submit to his direction and milk the shoot HIS way. I followed his lead. He was in control. 
The whole shoot was a beautiful, fluid collaboration: his direction, his location choices; my outfits/accessories, my self-stylizing (hair and makeup).
Fun fact: only minutes before I arrived to the shoot he somehow accidentally broke his go-to lens. This entire shoot was an experiment to see what he could capture with a lens he had never used before.  I'd say he was pretty damn successful. Wouldn't you?


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