Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Little Red

Plot twist: 
Little Red IS the Big Bad Wolf. 🐺
I have always felt a kindred kind of connection with Little Red Riding Hood.
My go-to color to wear on an almost daily basis is deep red, and I have a pretty SERIOUS obsession with wolves. When I met photographer David Scott Bowels, I knew that we were a perfect photography pair. 
We've got a lot of big plans to work together again in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Beach Baby

One of the most talented photographers I know is @paulfroml.a. 
When we shoot together, pure magic happens. 
He's a talented artist, the perfect gentleman, and THE most humble human being.
I have very fond memories of this day... the beach makes me feel ALIVE. The ocean is my happy place, especially when shared with perfect company and a fellow creative mind.

Milk Bath

This was a new experience for me! 
I've shot underwater several times before, 
(in lakes, swimming pools)... but never in a bath tub!
What a fun, feminine, female-powered shoot.
Shot by Amanda Whittier.

Only a Whisper...

@blackcrowproduction has quite a knack for capturing the beauty of subtlety. 
He was shooting with such emotion; his pores were pouring out passion with every photo he shot. I could feel it. 
We spent hours in his beautiful studio with the perfect playlist serenading us; the music completely penetrated our creative sides in such a moving and profound way and we definitely captured some real winners. This was one of my most memorable shoots to date. 

We also shot some images for Vogue Italia that afternoon, but those shots are secrets for now. ;)


Ever since I got my snake Zero last October I knew it was only a matter of time before I shot with him. Steve Meier, thank you for letting me splatter red paint all over your white studio wall and for allowing my photo shoot dream to come to fruition. You let me have full control for this shoot and I cannot thank you enough for handing my the creative reigns.

I'm absolutely obsessed with my little reptile and I couldn't think of a better photographer to capture the two of us together.