Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Call Me Mrs. Beetlejuice

This shoot was something else because believe it or not, it started out as a headshot session. Lisa Whitmore, my talented photographer friend, asked me if I would model for her so she could practice getting the hang of shooting headshots; her usual photography specialty is shooting people underwater so headshots are new territory for her.
About 30 minutes into shooting headshots, she wanted to throw in a fan to blow my hair about (not typical for headshots, but I was down to try it out). 
And then she threw a green gel over the light... 
And then a hair light...
And then she asked me, "Wanna throw on a nude latex body suit?" 
And THESE shots are the fruits of our "headshot" session. 
We're already planning our next latex-clad collaboration so keep your eyes peeled. ;)