Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Deliberate, Sweet Submission

These photos were shot by an exceptionally talented photographer who goes by the Instagram name, "@thatoneguypaul". 
Please, let me tell you with the utmost confidence: this guy is going to BE somebody someday; I mean really; Paul is the real deal; a naturally talented, groundbreaking artist with a breathtaking and exceedingly beautiful vision. Also, just a really nice dude.
I have never worked with a photographer who was as good a director; he knew exactly how to direct my body into positions that brought the pictures to LIFE. 
For the first time since I've been working with photographers in LA, I completely let myself submit to his direction and milk the shoot HIS way. I followed his lead. He was in control. 
The whole shoot was a beautiful, fluid collaboration: his direction, his location choices; my outfits/accessories, my self-stylizing (hair and makeup).
Fun fact: only minutes before I arrived to the shoot he somehow accidentally broke his go-to lens. This entire shoot was an experiment to see what he could capture with a lens he had never used before.  I'd say he was pretty damn successful. Wouldn't you?


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Desert Coyote Elf

The most beautiful pieces of art are conceived when two creative minds, both with passionate visions, collaborate. I met photographer Richie Banks online. Immediately, after viewing each other’s portfolios, we knew we wanted (needed) to collaborate. He had an edge to his work that I liked and appreciated and I knew that he would be able to capture the edge  that I wanted to physically convey. 
He wanted to shoot in the desert… I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot in the desert. 

I was born and raised in Nevada, so the desert feels like home for me. I feel at peace there, all alone, among the Joshua trees and the yellow sand. The minute Richie told me that he wanted to shoot an hour and a half outside LA, to the middle of the desert, I immediately jumped into action and spent an entire day searching for the perfect garments and accessories that would bring my vision of this wild, free-spirited, desert-coyote-elf to life. We spent 10 hours shooting in the desert… 10 HOURS… to capture EXACTLY what we had envisioned: a being that was wild, free, youthful, and raw; no-fucks-given. THIS little elf is a wild animal; a free-spirited desert baby. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Call Me Mrs. Beetlejuice

This shoot was something else because believe it or not, it started out as a headshot session. Lisa Whitmore, my talented photographer friend, asked me if I would model for her so she could practice getting the hang of shooting headshots; her usual photography specialty is shooting people underwater so headshots are new territory for her.
About 30 minutes into shooting headshots, she wanted to throw in a fan to blow my hair about (not typical for headshots, but I was down to try it out). 
And then she threw a green gel over the light... 
And then a hair light...
And then she asked me, "Wanna throw on a nude latex body suit?" 
And THESE shots are the fruits of our "headshot" session. 
We're already planning our next latex-clad collaboration so keep your eyes peeled. ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Baby Doll

As a product of this shoot, the photographer and I wanted to capture the essence of "urban baby doll"... and I must say, I think we did a pretty damn good job. 
These photos were taken by Sonny V of Studio V11. 
"I am one of god's mistakes" is a top from Sonny's clothing line, "Loaded". I loved shooting with Sonny in his incredible DTLA studio, overlooking the entire City of Angels. He has an incredible, confidence-boosting, calming presence and was also an honest BLAST to shoot with; so edgy, inspired, and motivated.