Saturday, June 25, 2016

Desert Coyote Elf

The most beautiful pieces of art are conceived when two creative minds, both with passionate visions, collaborate. I met photographer Richie Banks online. Immediately, after viewing each other’s portfolios, we knew we wanted (needed) to collaborate. He had an edge to his work that I liked and appreciated and I knew that he would be able to capture the edge  that I wanted to physically convey. 
He wanted to shoot in the desert… I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot in the desert. 

I was born and raised in Nevada, so the desert feels like home for me. I feel at peace there, all alone, among the Joshua trees and the yellow sand. The minute Richie told me that he wanted to shoot an hour and a half outside LA, to the middle of the desert, I immediately jumped into action and spent an entire day searching for the perfect garments and accessories that would bring my vision of this wild, free-spirited, desert-coyote-elf to life. We spent 10 hours shooting in the desert… 10 HOURS… to capture EXACTLY what we had envisioned: a being that was wild, free, youthful, and raw; no-fucks-given. THIS little elf is a wild animal; a free-spirited desert baby.